What Are Bed Bugs?

If you wake up with a tiny red spot in any part of your skin and it causes a lot itching, then chances you are having a bed bug problem. These nocturnal creatures are notoriously stubborn. In fact, it’s almost impossible to win the war against bed bugs without proper tools and help. 317-620-7901

bed bug removal indianapolis
bed bug removal indianapolis

Bed bugs are actually not that hard to kill. However, they have a secret weapon against homeowners, and that’s more bed bugs. The biggest reason why most homeowners feel helpless against beg bugs is because they can reproduce at a faster rate than homeowners can manage to kill them. Your best option is to trust a professional bed bug treatment service. 317-620-7901

Bed bugs are almost microscopic nocturnal insects. They usually feed on mammals, and these include humans and pets. Bed bugs hide in the couch, sets, cushioned chairs, cracks, crevices and especially your bed. Bed bugs are very hard to trace without professional tools and equipment. Thankfully, bed bugs are very sensitive to heat, which is why your best option is to go for a bed bug heat treatment. 317-620-7901

Why Choose Us?


We have a team of professionals that have been treating bed bugs infestation for years. Thanks to the experience of our professionals, they can quickly locate where the largest concentration of bed bugs are hiding. Also, the experience can also help you steer clear for potential problems in the future. In other words, you’ll get a lot more value for your money by tapping into the expertise of our professionals.​

Fully Insured

All of our Indianapolis Bed Bug Exterminators are protected with an insurance. This is very important as this means that if any of the professionals meets an unfortunate accident while working in your home, you will not be liable for any legal or financial issues.

Fully Certified

Our team of professionals has earned the proper qualifications and certifications when it comes to the treatment of bed bugs. These qualifications and certifications are not easily obtained, and it will usually require months or years of study and practice. For you as homeowners, it means that you can always put your trust in us when it comes to dealing with your bed bugs problems.


Aside from killing bed bugs, the health of your family is also a priority. This is why we largely employ bed bug heat treatment.

Proper Tools And Equipment

Our team of professionals is equipped with commercial grade tools and equipment which are capable of eliminating bed bug effectively and quickly. This also means saving money as you don’t have to buy tools and killing agents. 317-620-7901

bedbug removal Indianapolis
Having a bed bug infestation at home is a hellish way to live. This is the reason why you should call a professional as soon as you realize the possibility of a bed bug invasion. Why not call us right now and get a free consultation with the Indianapolis Bed Bug Exterminator. 317-620-7901
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