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No body loves pests in their homes more so bed bugs. These opportunistic creatures can reign havoc to you. Imagine after a long day of work to find these unwanted guests in your bed? The audacity! These creatures can not only be hard to get rid of but also embarrassing to you especially if you are the type of person who has lots of visitors around your Carmel Indiana home.

With a bed bug issue in your Carmel Indiana home, it doesn’t mean you’re not a clean person (at least that’s what most people think). Actually, there are a lot of different ways in which the critters can get their way into your home. For example, you may have bought a bed at a second hand store, which had bed bugs in it and you never realized.

So, the next time you suspect or catch a glimpse of these bugs don’t hesitate to contact us at 317-620-7901 and let us bug those bugs out of your home for good! We offer superior and cost-effective Carmel Indiana bed bug exterminator service. Our list of services include;

Free bed bug inspection in Carmel Indiana

Bed bugs tend to be difficult to see especially if you’re untrained. Just because you don’t see it doesn’t mean they are not there. Let our trained pros inspect your Carmel Indiana home to see whether or not that you have a bed bug problem.

Competent bed bug extermination services

Don’t fall prey to shoddy Carmel Indiana bed bug exterminator services! Remember that a bed bug problem could first look like a odd pest infestation but take it from the pros these bugs are not to be taken lightly. They may cause you embarrassment and make your life intolerable inside your own home! The nerve, right? With that said this is a never DIY project or an easy to do job. It definitely requires a Carmel Indiana bed bug exterminator Professional.

We get rid of these rapidly multiplying bugs in your home through sophisticated methods which include;

• Heat treatment- this is by far the most potent and effective way of ridding these opportunistic bugs from your home. We do it right and ensure your home is bed bug free

• Biological treatment-

Eco friendly services

We are all about conserving our environment so we ensure that we avoid using chemicals that may be harmful to you and those around you. Our services are children and pet friendly so you don’t have to worry since no harm will come to you and your loved ones during our extermination process.

Same day Appointment services

Having been in business for long we understand how a bed bug infestation can escalate quickly from a harmless situation to a disastrous situation. So as soon as you make that call at 317-620-7901 will ensure that we have provided our services with 24 hours.


As said earlier don’t take bed bugs infestation lightly. In fact, it’s a serious affair to the extent that our company provides you with a 90 day or 1 year warranty on the services provided during extermination. This means that if these bugs don’t get exterminated from your home for good and there is a chance that this bug problem recur (which rarely does after we offer our services). Then you won’t have to chip in anything as our services warranty policy will get you covered on the services bills.

Think big! Bug those bugs out of your home

At least 1 out of 5 Americans in the Carmel Indiana area have had a bed bug infestation in their homes, so don’t hesitate to contact us today at 317-620-7901 and let’s get rid of these unwanted tenants in your Carmel Indiana home or apartment.

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