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We are the bed bug treatment experts. With our years of experience and extensively-trained employees we know how to identify when bed bugs are an issue in your place of residence or business and the best way to address it. Simply ignoring your bed bug problem will only make it worse, so call the experts!

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“Best Bed Bug Pest Control and Bed Bug Heat Treatment in Cincinnati!” 

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While we offer a wide range of treatment options when it comes to bed bug removal, we will generally recommend the best one–heat treatment. Bed bugs have no way to resist heat and when exposed to a high temperature (122 degrees Fahrenheit) they die in a matter of minutes. Through using our heat treatment you can rest assured that we will kill any beg bugs plaguing your house, apartment, condo, or business. Due to a variety of climate factors the bed bug population has been exploding for the past decade. Don’t let them get out-of-hand for you too and call us as soon as you suspect you may need our services. 513-216-4750 or Request A Quote

Customer Service

Everyone knows that having bed bugs is a huge inconvenience and we do not want to make you any more stressed-out with confusing scheduling or rude employees. Every single person at our business is dedicated to ensuring you, our customer, are 100% satisfied with our services once we are done ridding your place of bed bugs.

Great Rates

It’s wrong to over-charge customers just because they are in a desperate situation when it comes to getting rid of bed bugs. We are dedicated to fair, reasonable prices and will always let you know up-front what everything is going to cost, with no nasty surprise fees or made-up additional service charges.

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Proud Local Owned Company

You could hire one of those big bed bug removal chain-companies, but will most likely find yourself severely disappointed at the end of the process. That is not the case with us. We are proudly locally owned and operated here in Cincinnati, Ohio. We value being a part of this community and want to do all we can to ensure its residents and their businesses are free of the scourge of bed bugs. Don’t deal with some faceless corporation when you can rely on a caring and local company.

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Between our caring customer service, great prices, well-trained expert employees, and our efficient methods of bed bug removal including bed bug heat treatment we are clearly the best choice when it comes to treating your house or business for bed bugs. Should you be suffering from an infestation–or even suspect you maybe are–call us today, you’ll be glad you did!

The best thing about this bed bug treatment alternative (heat) is that there are no residual effects left behind that could cause health issues. However, the downside to this is that since no residual effect is left behind after our bed bug treatment, infestation could easily occur as soon as the heat treatment has been performed, especially if no adequate prevention measures are taken, in this case a follow up steam treatment may be necessary.

We are a dependable bed removal company with 10 years of experience removing pests within Cincinnati and its environs. Our team will issue instructions regarding how to get your home ready for bed bug treatment. This will help us expel all of the bed bugs hiding in your home. Get in touch with us to make your inquiries. Call us today!  513-216-4750 or Request A Quote