How can I protect myself from bed bugs?


Bed bugs are tiny, wingless, egg-shaped legged insects. They breed and grow in the interiors of the bedroom. Bed bugs are pesky and multiply rapidly. They can also spread to other parts of the home. Unless, your take timely measures to get rid of bed bugs, they may bring prove troublesome. Bed bug bites are annoying. If they’re your home, they will not let your sleep and rest peacefully at night. You consider these bed bug treatment methods.

1. Get rid of the clutter – If you your home clutters with diverse things, it will be an advantage for bed begs. If bed begs are in the mattress, you can use bed bug covers. This will make them difficult to reach you. And, when you buy products for your home, look for ones having been tested for bed bugs.

You can get rid of bed bugs with heat – Wash, heat dry bed sheets bedspreads, blankets and the like. By doing so, it can easily destroy the bugs. Clean the containers, hampers used for laundry. Bed bugs can hide in them.

2. Vacuum the house – Vacuum all parts of your home, not just the bedroom and where you spend time. Bed bugs tend to go rapidly from one area to other.


3. While traveling – Bed bugs spread easily while you make straight from one place to another. This is possible when the bugs hid in the luggage. Avoid opening or keeping the luggage on the bed. Keep the luggage near where the bugs don’t come to reach. You can also keep the luggage and seal them tightly in plastic bags. If guests visit you and stay with you, clean the room they used thoroughly.

4. Use hot water – Use hot water when washing clothes, bed sheets, linens, pillow covers, and use washer dryer at the highest temperature. The underlying reason is the when the temperature reaches 120 F. At this temperature, they cannot sustain and get destroyed. This is one of the simple and easy methods for beg bug treatment.

5. Try traps – Bed bug traps are useful in monitoring bed bug population. You need to keep the trap around the legs of the beds. Beg bugs traps get into it and cannot come out.

6. Follow a combined approach – when planning to get rid of bed bugs, it is important to adopt bed bug treatment from with multiple methods because no single approach might be effective in all situations. Thus you can buy professional services for cleaning sofas, carpets, beddings and furniture. You can also use borax or diatomaceous earth powder, which are very effective in destroying bed bugs.

Bed bug infestation nags continuously. It is not impossible to get rid of them from your home. If you adopt sensible strategy you can prevent their infestation again.

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