A frequently asked question, “what brings bedbugs?”, is quite simple to answer. These pests are in every country on every continent and are mostly found in places of temporary accommodations. Hotels, as well as motels, are most commonly associated with infestations. These insects are transported in clothing and the suitcases of travelers, making the spread of these disgusting bugs extreme. Another way that these insects spread is through buying and selling used furniture.

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When buying used furniture, you must make sure to check all crevices of the piece of furniture to ensure that bed bugs are not being spread into your home or apartment. Once this type of bug has entered a building it multiplies until the entire building is infested with them, which can only be stopped if every single one is killed. Because these pests feed off of human blood they generally stick to areas that are frequently used by people. If you go to a hotel and you don’t check the bed for bugs, there is a chance that you will pick up the parasite and bring it home with you.

It has been said that the reason bed bugs have started to show up more and more each day is because of the growing amount of travelers going from country to country. Since these bugs are flat-bodied, it is entirely possible to pick up such a pest and not even know about the parasite’s intrusion. The bug will begin to multiply on the plane going across the seas, which can mean everyone around your luggage can get infected, spreading this infestation to various places at once, simply by picking one up and then boarding a plane. When traveling be sure to check your luggage often, and to check all hotel rooms in order to stop infestations.

Although bed bug infestations have been somewhat under control since the mid-twentieth century it is apparent that, partially due to a false sense of safety towards the bugs, they have been making a comeback in the past decade. These bugs do not feed off of dirt, they only feed off of blood. Although cleanliness can slow down an infestation, it will not prevent it. The only way to prevent an infestation is to continuously check your surroundings for the bugs, and if a bug is found make sure to kill the parasite. Further, deep cleaning around the area the bed bug was found can help as well. Where do the bed bugs originate? They come from everywhere.

If you have recently had bed bugs, or think you might have them, you need to know the facts on how to eliminate these insects. Bed bug bites, the extermination, spray, and bug treatment are all topics that you absolutely must to know about if you ever hope to get rid of this pest permanently. Lack of knowledge will often lead to ineffective treatment options and recurrence of an infestation. Many people fail to learn enough about the pests and, as a result, waste of time, money, and frustration

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