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Bed Bugs: Beware

Bed bugs are irritating creatures that cause many sleepless nights. They procreate at a rapid rate, and even a single bug or egg can produce an infestation. These bed bugs move smoothly between clothing and furniture, and you can experience a massive outbreak in a very short amount of time. They usually inhabit on mattresses, bedding and couches. It can be very difficult to get rid of bed bugs, but it is not an impossible task. Call the Indianapolis Bed Bug Exterminator! 317-620-7901 or Request a Quote!

Go for a Bed Bug exterminator like us who has the right knowledge and experience in dealing with these insects. As your Indianapolis bed bug exterminator we will perform a thorough inspection of your home, focusing on problem areas like bedding, cracks, holes, furniture, and walls. When we have identified the problem, we will give the most suitable recommendation regarding treatment method. 

317-620-7901 or Request a Quote!

Meet Mosebach.

Mosebach’s Bed Bug Heaters are designed to use common power sources without the use of a generator so you can kill the bed bugs cheaply and quickly. We have three different bed bug heaters ranging in power from 9 to 19kW. They are some of the most durable heaters on the market. We manufacture our own heating elements and they do not use any ceramics that can easily break on other heaters

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With bed bug exterminations, it’s good to research the methods that are available. We use heat and/or steam to eradicate them. Things that you can do in assistance to eradicating bed bugs from infested blankets, bed sheets, and clothing, try washing and drying them to help prevent them from getting worse. Although our cost is customer friendly, we still do not deviate from a first-class services. 317-620-7901 or Request a Quote!

Prepare Your Home For Treatment

Step 1

  • From the bedrooms, you will need to remove all of your clothing, bed sheets and curtains, wash them, and place theses items in bags

Step 2

  • Next remove any combustable items (ammo, aerosol canisters ect). Once this is done, it wise to vacuum the room thoroughly. When you are done with this, you are ready for the treatment

 Any further preparations will be taken care of by our Technicians. Our certified technicians go through several hours of training in order to have the skill to perform the procedure and utilize all equipment. Our methods are non-toxic and will not cause any health hazards.

Customers reviews

When the gentleman came in he gave me a world of knowledge and information to keep us safe from these bedbugs. Very professional
Maison T
Indianapolis IN
Got a couple of quotes in their rates seem reasonable, so I brought them out to do the treatment and I am very satisfied.
Ryan C
Shelbyville IN
Five stars across-the-board, very happy and I will pass you out to everyone that has a problem
Peter M
Lawrenceburg IN
2 months ago

Are you experiencing bed bug activity?
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We're here to answer any questions that you have concerning Bed Bugs. We want to make sure you have a stress free experience all while making sure your home is safe and taken care of!
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Don't you fear, the professionals are here!
If you think you've seen a bed bug, give us a call and we will get you a free estimate!
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3 months ago

When Bed Bugs are laying eggs, they will be laid on their backs, don't mistake this process for them being dead!
When looking for these little critters, keep an eye out for
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Using heat is a great way to go because when we are heating your home to 170 degrees, we are penetrating their eggs and nests as well as the live ones too!
When using heat we are able to save your ... See more

3 months ago

Some take longer than others before they notice they've been bitten! If you don't know if these critters are what you're battling, give us a call to get an inspection ... See more

3 months ago

We here at TBBC are deeply hurt by the tragedy at FedEx Ground Indianapolis last night. As we continue to serve the community, we will always remember the ones that were lost and keep the families of ... See more

3 months ago

I've been reading a lot on how people are contracting Bed Bugs from hospitals, if you are one of those people, please give us a call and ask about our 25% off for people that have been infected in a ... See more


A frequently asked question, “what brings bedbugs?”, is quite simple to answer. These pests are in every country on every continent and are mostly found in places of temporary accommodations. Hotels, as well as motels, are most commonly associated with infestations. These insects are transported in clothing and the suitcases of travelers, making the spread of these disgusting bugs extreme. Another way that these insects spread is through buying and selling used furniture.

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Bed bugs are small parasitic insects that suck the blood of warm-blooded animals, mainly humans. They are usually active at night and can feed themselves from unsuspecting victims. They often approach their hosts, living in beds, sofas, mattresses, carpets, behind the wallpaper, and in wooden furniture. Bedbugs are nocturnal and usually bite people during sleep. Bedbugs bite the hosts with a sharp beak to pierce the skin and inject saliva to suck blood. Often bedbugs bites are confused with the bites of ordinary house insects, because bites may look almost identical to other blood-borne insects, such as mosquitoes, fleas, ants, and lice.

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1. Get rid of the clutter – If you your home clutters with diverse things, it will be an advantage for bed begs.

2. Vacuum the house – Vacuum all parts of your home.

3. While traveling – Bed bugs spread easily while you make straight from one place to another. This is possible when the bugs hid in the luggage. Avoid opening or keeping the luggage on the bed. Keep the luggage near where the bugs don’t come to reach. 

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A treatment can take anywhere from 1 hour or it could take 9 hours depending on type of treatment (chemical or heat) also depending on type of equipment used for each particular treatment. As far as having to leave the home during a treatment, yes, because depending on the type on treatment wether it be chemical or it be a heat treatment, both are condition not safe for people without protective safety equipment.

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If you want first-class treatment, contact the Indianapolis Bed Bug Exterminator, and you will never regret.

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